I support the full participation of LGBTQ+ persons in the sacraments and polity of the church.  I am also a firm advocate for basic human rights and equality in society.

However, much of the Christian church does not share my views.  Many misrepresent the LGBTQ+ community for an agenda of exclusion and persecution.  Others operate from a flawed hermeneutic which prevents them from challenging flawed assumptions.  And still others simply do not know what to think or how to navigate the intersections of gender, sex, sexuality, and the Christian faith.

In the posts below, I have endeavored to dismantle systems which work to denigrate and oppress LGBTQ+ persons within the church.  In the links below I endeavor to offer a distinctly Christian alternative to LGBTQ+ exclusive theology and hermeneutics.

For the Love of God: an Open Letter to Kevin DeYoung

Cross Gendered: an Open Letter to Ben Witherington

Sodomy (or How I Learned to Love my Neighbor)

Rhetorical Questions

When in Romans

Privileged: An Open Letter to Evangelicals 

Injustice: An Open Letter to the TGC

Ally: a Relection on Humility and Privilege

5 Reasons Not to Support New Calvinism


Consent and Irony  

The Ego and the Evangelical

After Evangelicalism

Confession: Anti-LGBT Rhetoric and the Dynamics of Abuse in Evangelicalism

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