Love and Respect

I have written a four post series on the book Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerich. Below each post, I have included a brief synopsis.

Love, Respect, and Proof-Texts

The “Love and Respect” principle is not based on sound, academically honest engagement of the Bible.

Love, Respect, and Consent

The “Love and Respect” principle is rooted in abusive patriarchalist assumptions, this robbing women of agency over their own bodies.

Love, Respect, and Science

The “Love and Respect” principle is based on a “confirmation biased” approach to the relevant scientific data.

Love, Respect, and Abuse

Emerson Eggerichs is a spiritual abuser who has disqualified himself from public ministry.

Article Responses

In addition to reviewing the book itself, I have also written a critique of an article appearing on the Love and Respect blog page.  

A look at Emerson Eggerichs answer to the question, “Does this red dress make me look fat?”
**If/when more article critiques are written, they will be added to this page accordingly.**