Patriarchy and Christianity

Many influential voices within evangelicalism are strong proponents/advocates of a patriarchal readings of Scripture.  These persons, mostly men, insist that such a reading is the absolute, true, unquestionable, and timeless teaching of the text.  Here, I explore the implications of this and how we as Christians should move forward.

The Fruit of Complement

Complement: In the Flesh

Paul and Patriarchy

Of Order and Complements

The Head of Man

Cruciform Submission

Not All Comps

Modesty: a Redux

Dear John

Masculinity Lost


Father Forgive Us


6 thoughts on “Patriarchy and Christianity

Thanks for taking the time to read and engage. I look forward to your feedback, I welcome any criticism. However, as my goal here is mutualy respectful, beneficial conversation, I only ask that we keep civility in mind with our words. Grace and Peace.

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