The Protestant Christian church has a serious problem.  It seems that much of the theology endemic to the protestant Church – especially, but not exclusively, its most common expression in Evangelicalism – teaches a theology which not only enables abusers, but systemically silences victims and survivors.  Below I offer a number of posts exposing the abuse and addressing the theology which surrounds it.

I challenge the reader to take these things to heart and discern what action needs to be taken to the ensure that the Church becomes a safe haven for those abused and an agent of justice and accountability in situations of abuse.

Dear John

Making Up Church

Not All Comps

Modesty: a Redux


Larycia Hawkins: Further Consideration

Injustice: an Open Letter to The Gospel Coalition

A Controversy of Propriety

Abusive Headship: a Review of Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

The Racketeer

A Q&A with Dr. Ruth Tucker

Guest Post for Amy R. Buckley

The Lies and the Least

Silence: an Open Letter to Thabiti Anyabwile

Diversion: a Response to Melissa Kruger

A Letter of Encouragement to Darrin Patrick

Parenting Advice which Correlates with Abuse

Ashley Easter Tells Her Story of Being Sexually Preyed Upon by Rick Boyer, Sr.

5 Reasons Not to Support New Calvinism

Love and Respect

The Abused and the Persecuted

Father Forgive Us

The Ego and the Evangelical

Ezer Uncaged Interview