Guest Posts

Occasionally, I submit guest posts to other sites.  As they are published, I will post them here.

Masculinity Lost: a Reflection on 1 Timothy 5

Published November 12 in the Arise e-newsletter of Christians for Biblical Equality, International.

A Compelling Response to the Complementarian Manifesto on Abuse

A slight reworking of my post “Not All Comps” by Dee Parsons of The Wartburg Watch.

Injustice: an Open Letter to The Gospel Coalition by Nate Sparks

Dee over at TWW has also, with my permission, repurposed my open letter to TGC.

A Stay-at-Home Dad Weighs in on Parenting

Published on March 23, 2016 by Amy R. Buckley.

Parenting Advice that Correlated with Abuse

Published May 3, 2016, by Cindy Wang Brandt at Unfundamentalist Parenting.

Ezer Uncaged Interview

Podcast interview with Sarah Taras and Lauren Larkin of Ezer Uncaged