Masculinity Lost: CBE Guest Post

For those not already aware, today my article “Masculinity Lost: A Reflection on 1 Timothy 5” was published in Christians for Biblical Equality, International’s e-newsletter Arise and on their website (hyperlink above).  I was honored to be asked to submit and encourage you to read the post, as well as posts by other authors who are promoting gender equality in the Church.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

“According to complementarians, male primacy is not only biblical, it is the unquestionable, clear, and timeless truth of Scripture. Some complementarians fail to admit how interpretation, privilege, and bias affect their hermeneutic of gender roles.

Often, bias is viewed as a bad thing when reading Scripture. However, we must remember that there is no such thing as a completely pure, objective biblical hermeneutic. Without a doubt, my own experiences influence how I read Scripture. The question is, have I allowed these biases to override the biblical text?”

I hope you all enjoy the article and consider following the work of CBE more closely, if you aren’t already.

Grace and Peace,


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