The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (6/10/16)

As several have pointed out to me, it has been a few weeks since I put out a GBU post.  Life with the move has been hectic, and as the kids approached their last weeks of school emotions have been running high as we prepare to switch districts next year.  I decided to scale back until the year was over, as the Love and Respect series I have been working on is a bit labor intensive.  I want to thank all of you who follow and encourage me for being patient with my hiatus.

The Good

  1. Marg Mowczko has written an excellent post on the phrase “God hates divorce” in Malachi 2:16.  This is an oft misquoted text used to keep abused women in abusive marriages and give men power that the text never intended to give them.

  1. I’ve read this post many, many times, and every time it has served as both comic relief and ironic reminder that the language we use to push a false notion of modesty on women is absurd.  We need to stop objectifying women and begin holding accountable the men who would abuse, assault, and otherwise using them to gratify themselves sexually.

  1. My friend Christy Sim has put together a collection of memes, created by a number of advocates, activists, and bloggers (including myself) demonstrating things that should, and should not, be said to victims and survivors of abuse and assault.

The Bad

  1. Friend, blogger, and activist/advocate/ally Michael Stark has written a post examining Donald Trump’s claim to Christian faith by juxtaposing Jesus words from the beatitudes with actual statements made by The Donald himself.  Unsurprisingly, Trump doesn’t hold up well.  This is a strong reminder that voting for a candidate because he will preserve the privileges we hold sacred is not necessarily consistent with the teachings of Christ and discernment and concern for others must also factor into our political views.

  1. Ashley Easter has written an enlightening post, using the story of a friend who experienced coercive rape in her marriage to highlight a very serious problem in how the church handles concepts of consent and marital hierarchy.

  1. The woman who was brutally assaulted by Brock Turner wrote a courageous letter describing her assault at the hands of Turner and the suffering she has been through since.  This is a great reminder of the importance of consent and the necessity to advocate for victims of rape, not offer apologies for rapists.

  1. John Pavlovitz has written an open letter challenging Brock Turner’s father to not only hold his son responsible for his despicable actions, but also to take some accountability for his own despicable words as well.

The Bad

  1. Rape apology seems to be the name of the game both within the church and society at large these days.  Brock Turner’s father claims his son is being punished for “20 minutes of action” and that he could teach others about the dangers of “promiscuity.”

Matt Walsh, in a not so surprising turn, decided to spew his trademark hate by insisting that “hook up” culture, and not rapists (!) are the problem here.  Apparently he assumes rape is an unavoidable part of society, it is a woman’s job to be sure she doesn’t get raped.  Also, don’t question the system, only take care of yourself.  Whatever Walsh’s faith claims may be, his actions show no fruit consistent with the cross of Christ.

walsh tweet.png

Lastly, it is disgusting that Brock Turner received only 6 months of jail time, a sentence which will likely be partially commuted.  I am not in favor of punitive justice, but Turner has shown no remorse for his actions and his letter to the judge shows he has even gone so far as to blame his victim – a cry picked up by his supporters as well.  He is not a penitent young athlete who made a mistake, he is a remorseless sex predator who needs psychiatric treatment.\

9. Matt Chandler, John Piper, and David Platt recently got together to claim that every bad thing which happens in the world is the result of God’s direct and causative will.  This nonsense insists that Brock Turner was in fact an agent of God serving his good purpose in the world, leading to New Creation. Such absurdity goes directly against the notion of Christ existing among the least of these and offering them deliverance from their suffering.  This is another disturbing example of just how toxic TGC’s theology is.

Then again, what else should we expect, given that John Piper thinks children deserve to experience God’s wrath because there are “no innocent children”.  A statement which quickly devolves into a theological position defending child abuse as God’s will (as seen above).

piper tweet 2

He also makes these types of incoherent claims.

piper tweet

  1. I don’t even really know what to say about this.  Should I wonder why a church put on a stage show worshipping the city of New York?  Should I wonder why a youth pastor thought no one would freak out when he wore a pair of boxers and a guitar on stage?  Or should I focus on the fact that the “Naked Cowboy” of New York City is a registered trademark owned by an ordained minister who was seriously bothered that someone used his character without his permission? This entire story is just plain bizarre.

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (6/10/16)

  1. What Matt Walsh said isn’t true, that women can protect themselves by not participating in hookup culture (whatever that means). The most danger I was ever in I was walking home alone from work. Second most, I was in my own house. I went to many clubs, bars and parties with no problems at all. Risk is a continuum, and your level of risk is never zero.


  2. “…voting for a candidate because he will preserve the privileges we hold sacred is not necessarily consistent with the teachings of Christ and discernment and concern for others must also factor into our political views.”

    Best statement I’ve read on this subject just about anywhere. Thank you.


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