Parenting Interview on Bad Ass Dadcast

As many who follow me on social media know, I’ve been navigating quite a bit of loss and trauma in my personal life recently, thus my hiatus from creating new blog content.

Without going into great detail, I am in the process of divorcing my wife who, for the past 10 years has also been my physical, psychological, and verbal abuser.

With that said, I am currently working to create some new content, and hope to resume blogging in the near future.

In the meantime, I recently joined Daniel Hobbs, creator and host of The Bad Ass Dad Cast, to discuss my views on parenting and why I believe parenting should be based in nurture not conformity.

The episode can be accessed here:

Hope you enjoy 😃!

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Cover photo by Laurent Peignault from Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Parenting Interview on Bad Ass Dadcast

    1. Yes, it has been/still is.

      My marriage ended just before Christmas, so I am still navigating all of this and still have to handle all the legal stuff involved.

      The reason for my relative hiatus from blogging last year was the emotional/psychological toll all the abuse was taking.

      I still have a long journey ahead, and look forward to getting back into writing and pursuing a better, healthier life going forward.


      1. In my experience, only about 18 months after my last contact with my abusive husband did I feel like my life was somewhat ‘normal’.

        I didn’t even say it was ‘back to normal’ — because all my adult life before that I had been very very difficult. Not jiust the abusive marriage, but what had happened before that.

        And my last contact with that abusive husband was about two years after my final separation from him… because during those two years I had to keep seeing him every fortnight to deliver our child to him for court-ordered visitation.

        And those two years were really difficult.

        Sorry for the bad news. Hopefully in your case the crisis-mode-living will settle down more quickly than mine did.

        We have a tag for male survivors on A Cry For Justice. You might like to look at it.


  1. I’m not on social media anymore so I had no idea. I am so sorry to hear this. All the while you were so very supportive of people going through that and I didn’t know you were as well. I am so glad you are getting out. It’s rough but you will feel so much better. I hope you have local support. ~~ Sara


    1. Yeah, I haven’t talked about it until just recently. This is all a fairly new development in my life.

      I have a few people locally. I also have many good people I keep in touch with regularly who encourage me and keep me grounded.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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